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Install winks and images in your MSN with MSN Content Crazy Show
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Are you bored of always showing the same winks when you chat? Do you want new, funny and fresh winks and pictures to share with your friends? Well, MSN Content Crazy Show is here for you. With that name you can surely guess that fun is is expecting you.

This free program will provide you with numerous winks and animated pictures for you to install in your MSN. The steps are very simple. You just need to preview the winks from the list displayed on the left of the screen and then click Install and that is it! Now you can locate them in your MSN screen while you chat. The selected winks are saved under the Winks icon shown in the chatting screen. Surprise your friends with the latest contents! You will amuse yourself and your friends with the hilarious winks and everyone will ask you where on earth you have got them from! Share your secret and allow them to have the same amount of fun as you. But not only that, by having the same winks you can have hours of fun! You also have the option of downloading more winks online. You will never get bored from now on. Download this user-friendly program and start enjoying chatting more than ever.

Juan Morán
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  • Easy to use
  • Fast to download
  • A great number of winks


  • It does not contain emoticons
  • Most of the winks have dialogs wich are not in English
  • Help is only available online
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